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Who is Marcellinho ?


My name is Marcel, I'm a 50 something Dutchie, living in Hoofddorp, a village in Haarlemmermeer, which is a famous Dutch 'polder' that still was water about 150 years ago. On weekdays, I am a corporate travel consultant, in weekends and outside office hours I find passion in my family, travel, aviation, scubadiving and photography, furthermore I love exploring nature above - and marinelife below sealevel.


I've been busy with photography as a hobby for a few years now, currently using a Nikon D5000 for my pictures above the surface, and an Olympus Tough TG-4 camera for my underwater images. A selection of my photos can be found in the galleries on this website, beware of the copyrights on all website content, better contact me if you would like to use snything from my website, instead of copying it without previous written permission. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures as much as I had fun in making them.


In my weblog I write about anything I think is worth writing about (or not....), you can find my real life adventures, opinions, stories and reviews there. It will be about travel, politics, (social)media, all day life, etc, etc, etc.....take a peak through the menu or click the link to my weblog here.


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has always been a significant part of my life.

I have not been on the road for years, regrettably, but travel always enriches me in many ways. Some day, some how, some where, I will find the time and opportunity to combine work with pleasure of travelling the world. Until that time, you can find my galeries on the right. I hope you enjoy my photos, if you have any comments, messages or notes to add, feel free to use the comments box on the right or the comment boxes in my photo galeries




is one of my biggest passions.I started diving when I was in my early 20's, done my PADI Open Water Certification in the Netherlands, and meanwhile I'm allowed to call my self a Rescue Diver, with over 200 open water dives logged all over the world, from Cyprus to Cuba, from Bali to Egypt, and lately I dive in the Netherlands too, where the underwaterworld is stunningly fabulous sometimes too.


Meanwhile, I bought an underwater photo camera, and I'm trying to find my ways in making great pictures of the amazing marine life I find during my dives.


Over 70 % of our planet is water, earth isn't called the blue planet for nothing, you know? Whereas in the Netherlands it's generally about small fish, I've been in Maldives where I found manta rays, whalesharks, nurse sharks and loads of whitetips during our liveaboard on MS Stingray. In Egypt we find turtles, moray eals and many blue spotted stingrays and the coral is beautiful.

Spotting and aviation

In this sector of my website, you will find a number of galeries and albums that contain photographs on the subjects airplanes, aviation, aircraftspotting and all that is related.

Do you have a question about this website, want to use content or cooperate ? Feel free to contact me.

Joyride on memory lane


Travel brings the best memories: to meet people and enjoy gastronomy, hospitality and culture that you might not be used to, it enriches you in a way that no education or school can ever do.

Cherish your adventures


Stepping out of your comfortzone is the best start to exploring and widen your world. Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what could be.

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