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My name is Marcel, I live in Hoofddorp, Haarlemmermeer, a famous Dutch 'polder' that still was water about 150 years ago. I am a corporate travel consultant, highly interested in aviation in general and travel technology in particular. On a daily basis, I keep myself occupied with airfare solutions, quality control and revenue management in corporate travel.


Next to my family, I find passion in travel, aviation, scubadiving and photography, furthermore exploring nature above and marinelife below sealevel complete my freetime activities.


I've been busy with photography as a hobby for a few years now, currently I use a Nikon D5000 for my pictures above the surface, furthermore I have an Olympus Tough TG-4 camera at my disposal for my underwater images. My main subjects in photography are travel, aviation, scubadiving and landscapes. The complete albums can be reached via the menu in the right corner of this page or the pictures beloiw. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures as much as I had fun in making them.


In my weblog I write about anything I think is worth writing about (or not....), you can find my real life adventures, opinions, stories and reviews there. It will be about travel, politics, (social)media, all day life, etc, etc, etc.....take a peak through the menu or click the link to my weblog here.


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Nature and landscapes are always interesting. They bring fabulous subjects for great pictures. Furthermore, being outdoors hiking, walking and enjoying amazing scenery is a great way to spend some spare time.


As I'm living in Haarlemmermeer, which is a real Dutch "polder" by the way (Google some and you'll find out), my home is located in a heavily populated area of the Netherlands, near Amsterdam.


So, whenever I can, I take my camera and ride into the countryside, to be hiking, walking, biking and take pics along the way, thus combining a passionate hobby with the pleasure of being outdoors.


Find my photos in the gallery "Nature and Landscapes" by clicking on the nature scene picture.

Travel has always been a significant part of my life. Not that I have been on the road for years, regrettably, but I've always been interested in the subject.


After graduation, I started working as a travel agent and until now I've never thought about leaving the travelbusiness.

Whereas my focus is not selling travel anymore, my current role is more about creating smart solutions for corporate travel management, travel technology and online travel sales, specifically in the subject of air fares.


Some day, some how, some where, I will find the time and opportunity to combine my work with the pleasure of travelling the world. Until that time, you can find my galeries clicking the sfinx picture above.


I hope you enjoy my photos, if you have any comments, messages or notes to add, feel free to contact me.


In the aviation section of my website, you will find a number of galeries and albums that contain photographs on the subjects airplanes, aviation, aircraftspotting and all that is related. I'm a beginner on this subject, especially in the aircraftspotting I'm a newbie, so I will add more albums and galeries in due course. A click on the aircraft pic will bring you to my galeries.

Scubadiving is another passion of mine.

Years ago, I decided to get my PADI Open Water Certification. Enjoying the same planet but being in a different world is absolutely awesome !

Meanwhile, I have my own diving gear and am a certified rescue diver.


I'm currently working on my dive master certification. Final goal so far is Instructor Level, but until then, I hope to enjoy many dives throughout the world.


You will find my whereabouts regarding diving by clicking the marine life picture.






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